Lorena Rivero de Beer is a performance artist and psychotherapist born in Spain. She moved to England in 2003 and she is currently based in Liverpool. Her work explores the relationship between social/physical/cultural space and subjectivity from an intercultural perspective. Through it she strives to generate experiences that encourages us to look and experience the ‘other’, understand our position in the world, help us to cross borders and increase our power of action.

Alongside with her solo and collaborative performance practice Lorena works as a psychotheratist, is a member of the Lacanian School of the Freudian Letter and recently joined the psychosocial team at the Red Cross. In the past she co-directed Tuebrook Transnational, a grass roots arts organisation based in North Liverpool, where she lived, that looked for innovative ways of social engagement and of creating networks with other local residents. She was also part of different creative and activist networks. She was a founding member of The Free University of Liverpool and The Politics and Aesthetic Reading Group. She was a member of Factory Floor a creative network for women performers and writers and was a long term collaborator of the international performance troupe La Pocha Nostra.